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Archive for October, 2016


Water and the Art of War

Written by Jim Lauria

Is China gaining a stranglehold on the world water supply?

Jilin Province, China
Photo taken by Author, Jim Lauria, on a trip to Jilin Province, China

In the upcoming U.S. presidential election, China has emerged again and again as both threat and ally. With all the talk about trade, economic balance and military concerns surrounding China, this is a timely opportunity to dive into a little-discussed aspect of Chinese global power plays: water.

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N Is for Next: Preparing the Next-generation Data Scientist

Written by Dr. Ken Russell

h20It’s time again for the next in a series of articles centered around the intersection of water and technology. Leveraging a fun learning tool, a mnemonic, where each article will focus on one of the letters that make up the word conserve: C-O-N-S-E-R-V-E, this time we are at the letter “N”, for next .

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