Our Water Counts

But we don't count it very well.
It's time for a change.

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Our water is life.

Still, water-related disease causes 3.6 million deaths each year.
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Our water is growth.

But much of the world will be facing a water deficit in the next 4 years.
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Our water is money.

Yet utilities watch revenue go down the drains everyday due to inefficiencies and aging systems.
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Water is Money

This is the 21st Century. Turn a faucet, and clean water comes out. It costs billions of dollars to make that happen, and it’s getting more expensive every day. There are more customers to serve. More miles to cross. More risks to mitigate. More leaks to fix. More resources to hire. More meters to install. More lost water to reclaim.

How can your utility keep up without going under? Find out.
Water is Growth

Water usage continues to rise. We try to conserve, but there are more of us every day, and we’re all living longer than ever. The world population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, and at the rate we're going there won't be nearly enough water for that many of us.

To keep up with growth, we have to find a way to better manage our water. Start now.
Water is Life

We do everything we can to conserve water. We make lawn-watering schedules. We ask hotel guests to reuse their towels. We teach our children to turn off the tap while they brush their teeth. But we don’t fix the broken infrastructure. We don’t know what happens to half of the water we treat. And we don’t know if the water supply is contaminated until it’s too late. It’s time to do better.

How will you improve water quality and access in your community? Learn how.