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Archive for January, 2017


Thinking About New Water Technologies Differently

Written by Janette F. Kennedy

OWC1.25Nature is an extremely robust system and, when stressed, will adapt to stabilize the environment. Unfortunately, such adaptations do not always favor the human species. The unprecedented success of humans in modifying and controlling the physical environment around us is the cornerstone of our modern world.

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Indianapolis Poised to Showcase Smart Choices for Water, Energy and Transportation

Written by Erik Hromadka
Indianapolis, IN is an American Smart City

As a metropolitan area, Indianapolis celebrates innovation each year with the annual running of the Indy 500, known as “the greatest spectacle in racing.” The event is as much science as entertainment and has served as a test bed over the past 100 years for new advances from introducing seat belts and front-wheel drive to engine efficiency and alternative fuels.

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Fresh Water for First Nations—Part 2

Written by Jordan Lane Gilmore

OWC_1.11This is a part 2 continuation on Canada’s First Nations‘ water crisis (Here is the link to part 1).

At this moment whole communities of people in Canada suffer from contaminated wells and dirty source water which lead to a range of major, even fatal, health issues.

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