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Archive for December, 2015


White House Issues Call for Water Innovation

Written by Vincent Caprio

Whitehouse_northIn a swift and significant nod to the Water Industry, the White House on December 15, 2015, called for meaningful water innovation just three days after the conclusion of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.

The announcement from the White House came at the start of the White House Roundtable on Water Innovation, which I had the opportunity to attend.

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Cyber Risk Management and the Water Sector

Written by Jonathan Litchman

Jonathan Litchman_Cyber Safety

Water industry executives are certainly justified if they are confused as to what to do about cybersecurity. Virtually every week there are new media reports of cyber attacks. Congressional and Executive Branch leaders and private sector cybersecurity experts warn of cyber threats to critical infrastructure, and government oversight organizations, such as the Government Accountability Office, report that there is no effective measurement capability in place to determine efforts to defend the water sector from cyber attack.

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Little Data, Before Big Data: Cousteau and H2O

Written by Richard E. Hyman

LittleDataBefore_1Inspired by a speech delivered at 2015’s Water 2.0 Data Analytics for the Water Industry.

As a Cousteau diver aboard Calypso, data, albeit little data, was part of our “old school” daily life.

It was before the Internet, PCs, tablets and Smartphones, so we used pencil and paper.

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