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Archive for October, 2015


Touchdown for Water Conservation

Written by Jill Burdette

IJill_Stadiumst’s that time of year—autumn leaves, pumpkins, cool weather and FOOTBALL. If you’ve read any of my blog posts, you know I’m a mother of very active kids. Football is in our house and in our weekly routines.

So as we continue to hear about water scarcity and use, I thought it would be nice to share some of the ways football stadiums and other sports venues are helping conserve water.

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Where Is the Water Industry’s Silicon Valley?

Written by Dan Grech

Water InnovationAs somebody who is relatively new to the water industry with a background in information technology, I’m surprised why limited progression has taken place, compared to other industries, in such a key space.

Silicon Valley is recognized as the innovation “epicenter.” Their products consume my generation’s interests in shaping self-validating social media profiles or awing at the convenience of ordering dinner from a smartphone app.

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I’ve Looked at the Cloud from Both Sides Now

Written by Jim Lauria

CloudIn Bakersfield, at Mazzei headquarters, a cloudless sky is a common sight—especially during the current drought. However, the folks up in Silicon Valley have dreamed up a massive global cloud…and it’s full of water.

Joni Mitchell looked at clouds from both sides and realized she really didn’t know clouds at all.

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