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Archive for July, 2015


The Latest from California: Are We Headed for Mega-drought?

Written by Richard Kreidler
The dried shore at San Pablo Reservoir Recreation Area in El Sobrante, Calif. Thursday, April 2, 2015 (Credit: AP/Eric Risberg)
The dried shore at San Pablo Reservoir Recreation Area in El Sobrante, Calif., Thursday, April 2, 2015
(Credit: AP/Eric Risberg)

Research and contributions from David Foster and Corey Kreidler

Since we last talked about the California drought and its measurable impact on food production far beyond California, effects have only worsened.

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The Conference Treadmill

Written by Chris Peacock

Around this time every year, I find myself frustrated at the statThe Conference Treadmille of conferences. Talking heads reading long bullet points off of slides we could just as easily have read on our own. Endless chatter about the constant disarray in our industry. Regular discussions about technology that is not being adopted fast enough.

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California Rain Showers: Small Things Matter

Written by Erik Hromadka

Erik Hromadka_CA RainIt rained while I was in Los Angeles last month for the 2015 gathering of top water utilities at the annual American Water Works Association conference.

But it wasn’t the sort of rain we get back home in Indiana—where a front blows through the region and dumps a couple inches in less than an hour.

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Protect What You Love

Written by Richard E. Hyman

As a Cousteau diver aboard Calypso the Captain inspired me. Dinner conversations often included talk of technology, the ocean and space. Yes, space. Cousteau likened SCUBA to what he termed “inner space.” He yearned to leverage the technology and intelligence that America’s space program could provide.

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