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Archive for July, 2012


I left the lights on, so the faucet must be dripping!

Written by Ron Steiger

If you draw a bath or water the yard, that’s the same as running the A/C. If the toilet continues to run due to a worn flapper, that’s the same as leaving all the lights and TVs on in the house. We need to pay closer attention to these analogies.

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Point of Drinking (POD)

Written by Mike McGettigan

In my first post on Water-Wise, on behalf of the Water Initiative (TWI), I want to start by thanking Alan Hinchman and Vince Caprio for their support of the combined mission and purpose of TWI, Our Water Counts (OWC) and the Water Innovations Alliance (WIA).

On May 7, TWI became the first WIA member company to join the OWC movement.

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